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    Commonalities between TACCP, VACCP, and HACCP

    TACCP, VACCP, and HACCP are three important methodologies involved in the safety of food production systems. While each have their own specific function, they also share similar qualities, including:..
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    Approved Supplier Management made easy!

    How much time does your business waste chasing suppliers for their documentation?..
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    Are you getting the most out of your Internal Audits?

    A properly scheduled, planned and implemented Internal Audit Program will identify system conformance, failure and opportunities for improvement, but to achieve this you’ll need to ensure appropriate levels of human and financial resources are available..
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    Do you have a good Food Safety and Quality Team?

    We built to improve the Skills, Knowledge and Competency of Food Industry Professionals around the globe!..
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    More than Food Safety. More than Food Quality. We build Sustainable Systems.

    We are Alimentex, an Asia Pacific based food industry consultancy with successful clients across the globe...
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